Crystal Cocktails
Crystal Cocktails 
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Goodbye from Summit Lighting Ltd. 

Thank you for 46 years of business.


Wallights      Bathrooms        Bedroom     Living Room    Kitchens

We were once Lighting Specialists in Crawley

Steiff Bear


Lighting the way for over 40 years as a family business! We did specialise in all kinds of home and business lighting but unfortunately trade did decline and we closed after 46 years





Crystal Cocktails Ltd

A Mobile Bar and professional cocktail making service ,Crystal Cocktails uses all Crystal Bar Ware to impress your guest for home or private venues.

07444 895725


Cost Saving Tip

Brand New LED GU10 Bulb

We have some of the best LED GU10 which can offer savings of £10.48 per year base on 12p per k/ph against normal GU10 Bulbs

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